Release the Butterflies Part One

     Any opportunity to work with a unique and fun prop or accessory to help style a shoot is an opportunity that I'm always up for. Recently I had the pleasure of working with a few different butterfly-style crowns and head pieces that were such a blast to incorporate into the images. The perfect end to the summer season, with the weather still warm and green colors still vibrant, these were the perfect accessory to capture a bit of the fun summer season with.


     These pieces are gorgeous in color and amazing in quality. Each crown is sturdy, bright, and perfectly textured for a bit of a fantasy flair addition to the images. Pastel pink? Yup. Bright baby blue? Yes! Classic monarch butterfly orange? Of course. With life-like flexible butterfly pieces each crown is easy to stylize according to the needs of each shoot. You're only limited by your imagination when working with accessories like these.

     As I've written before, I think that Etsy is such a great place for artists and crafters to connect and work with each other. I found these pieces while scrolling the site earlier this summer and they immediately caught my eye. The pairing of a casual summer dress or something just a smidge more fancy on a warm day just makes perfect sense. How about a forest spirit or dryad? Really pushing the fantasy scene to the limits.


     Imagine a scenic picnic on the last of the warm days this year. Grassy fields extending for miles towards the foothills, sunlight creating beautiful flare and in every direction. Sitting on the warm grass, remembering the summer season surrounded by thoughts of butterflies floating through the air. A genuine scene full of color and dreams.

     If you like what you see, check out the links below and you'll find the Etsy shop where you can get your hands on crowns just like these ones. If a fall shoot with one of these pieces sounds like something you'd like to be a part of (the orange piece immediately comes to mind) consider a fall portrait session and request the butterfly option. We can tailor your session to create whatever scene that you can think of, the possibilities are endless. Call or email anytime and let's get started!

See more of her pieces on Etsy

Find her on Instagram too


The Pursuit of Texture

     For as long as I can remember, one thing that I've always been drawn to is texture. Whether it's natural or artificial, from clothing or from the background. I absolutely love the way that it pops in an image and these past couple months I have been finding a whole new appreciation for the textures I've been finding in plants and in my surroundings outdoors. I would probably even say that I'm a bit obsessed at this point haha, all I want to do is find great natural plant textures that I can incorporate into my sessions and images.

     Whether it comes from the vibrant flowers of a blossoming and color-filled garden or from a single dense and leafy shrub, I'm probably going to want to shoot with it. My list of go-to locations for portrait sessions has expanded to included all kinds of great new places where the texture this time of year is positively wonderful.

     The thing that I'm really loving the most right now is the complete and total variety I can find in any given area. Each and every different kind of bush and tree offers something unique. Sometimes the leaves are small and matte while just across the park I may find a wall of ivy climbing up the wall or huge leaves shining with new growth. Not to mention both the subtle and drastic colors and hues that come with every different species. It gives me new found respect for those able to identify each and every different type of plant and flower and tell you the details like their blooming and color cycles.


     This pursuit of new and different textures has me so completely excited for the fall season in Colorado as I know that it will bring, aside from the gorgeous new and different colors, a whole new kind of texture that I can chase. The slow drying of the leaves as they get ready to fall to the ground. The crunch of them underfoot and the wind blowing leaves in every direction. . .how could I not be excited haha? All I can hope is that the fall season this year is a long one, lasting all the way through October, maybe even a couple weeks into November.

     Leave me a comment with some of the favorite textures that you seen out and about. Maybe they are natural like plants and flowers. Or maybe you prefer the urban textures found in the city. Rusty buildings or simple stonework. Maybe it's the texture of clothing haha? Is there a favorite sweater whose fabric is on another level?