Release the Butterflies Part One

     Any opportunity to work with a unique and fun prop or accessory to help style a shoot is an opportunity that I'm always up for. Recently I had the pleasure of working with a few different butterfly-style crowns and head pieces that were such a blast to incorporate into the images. The perfect end to the summer season, with the weather still warm and green colors still vibrant, these were the perfect accessory to capture a bit of the fun summer season with.


     These pieces are gorgeous in color and amazing in quality. Each crown is sturdy, bright, and perfectly textured for a bit of a fantasy flair addition to the images. Pastel pink? Yup. Bright baby blue? Yes! Classic monarch butterfly orange? Of course. With life-like flexible butterfly pieces each crown is easy to stylize according to the needs of each shoot. You're only limited by your imagination when working with accessories like these.

     As I've written before, I think that Etsy is such a great place for artists and crafters to connect and work with each other. I found these pieces while scrolling the site earlier this summer and they immediately caught my eye. The pairing of a casual summer dress or something just a smidge more fancy on a warm day just makes perfect sense. How about a forest spirit or dryad? Really pushing the fantasy scene to the limits.


     Imagine a scenic picnic on the last of the warm days this year. Grassy fields extending for miles towards the foothills, sunlight creating beautiful flare and in every direction. Sitting on the warm grass, remembering the summer season surrounded by thoughts of butterflies floating through the air. A genuine scene full of color and dreams.

     If you like what you see, check out the links below and you'll find the Etsy shop where you can get your hands on crowns just like these ones. If a fall shoot with one of these pieces sounds like something you'd like to be a part of (the orange piece immediately comes to mind) consider a fall portrait session and request the butterfly option. We can tailor your session to create whatever scene that you can think of, the possibilities are endless. Call or email anytime and let's get started!

See more of her pieces on Etsy

Find her on Instagram too


Who else loves Etsy?! Crystal headpieces, heck yeah!

     If you've not had the chance to check out all the awesome people making awesome things on Etsy, do yourself a favor and go check it out sometime! You wont' be disappointed. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with an Etsy shop that makes gorgeous one-of-a-kind crystal headpieces (you'll find their links and info below). These images are from the first of a few different sets shot with a few different pieces from the shop. I love how they've turned out and totally love the crystals as an accessory.

     For this shoot, Paige and I focused on colors, contrast, and a bit of a moody vibe. We knew that we were going to be using the chunky blood-red crystal piece and I thought it would look really great, and really pop out if we paired that with the white-silver hair. Something about the blood-red colors with the silver hair really gives the scene a moody, witchy feel that I think really works here. Keeping the rest of the wardrobe black also really helps the silver and the red crystals really jump out just a bit more.

     For this shoot, knowing the mood was a bit darker, we met up for an early evening shoot, just as the sun set over the foothills. Considering it is early February the weather was amazing, just a slight cool breeze but still warm enough for the wardrobe we had selected. The open grassy area, with small yucca shrubs made for a really nice location, giving us almost a bit of an evening desert feel to the colors that I'm really loving.

     The headpiece itself is just plain awesome. A fun and unique accessory that I was really excited to get to work with. Flawlessly constructed using real crystal, it adds and ornamental, almost fantasy feeling to the images that is exactly what we had in mind. You've just got to love it when everything comes together and you get to do something new and different!

Crystal headpieces hand-made by Laura, of

You can check out her work at as well as find her on Instagram @judyandmadeleine

Hey Colorado, it is still winter, right?

     The last couple weeks in Colorado have been incredibly nice outside. Sunny, warm weather, with clear skies for what seems like weeks on end. So I thought I'd write a blog post remembering a windy, chillier time to remind myself that it is still winter. It's mid February and it's been mid 60's to 70's all week, what is going on here haha?! But seriously, it is still winter, so in theory we'll see some more fresh snow and cold weather down here in the cities, right?

Evan Kane_portrait_photography_Denver_Colorado_1.jpg

     For Miranda's shoot, we chose to meet up at one of my all-time favorite locations in Boulder, CO. It was a semi-cloudy day (with enough parting in the clouds for great light!), a bit of a breeze, and cold enough for long sleeves and light jackets without getting cold. Definitely a mild day for a wintry portrait session. Something about a winding walking path, dry leaves, patches and light flurries of snow, with the leafless trees reaching into the background really came together on a day like this. Which definitely is a crazy contrast to the weather that we're enjoying right now haha!

     Wardrobe here was great; simple enough but totally perfect. A light pink long sleeve shirt, leggings, and matching scarf with head band. The colors really came together, pretty pink and blue hues of the sky matched the outfit wonderfully. The scarf and headband look like they are super, super soft, who can argue with that? That's what is really great about the milder winter days. We can keep the outfit simple and play it up with the accessories we all love like hats, scarves, or a pretty wristwatch. I know I definitely have a few different favorite beanies and winter hats, what's your favorite wintry or cold-weather fashion accessory?

Evan Kane_portrait_photography_Denver_Colorado_2.jpg

     This was definitely a fun shoot on a cool day. We had a blast walking around the pathway talking and taking photos. Now Miranda is off to a new job and a new chapter in her life. Her shoot was a celebration of sorts, new beginnings and a new start. I wish her the absolute best as she starts her new adventure. Onward and upward! That's what I love about photography, meeting new people celebrating different things, chapters, and events in our lives. A portrait session is a fun experience and can be a great new adventure to capture something special in your life. If you've got something to celebrate, or are just feeling great about yourself, let's brainstorm some ideas for your portrait session today!

Evan Kane_portrait_photography_Denver_Colorado_3.jpg