Do you have a favorite fashion accessory?

     One of my all-time favorite accessories when shooting fashion, lifestyle, and portraits has got to be sunglasses. Ever since I was a little kid, something about the different colors and styles, the reflective lenses, and the attitude that comes from a favorite pair of glasses has my attention. They pair with almost everything and add a certain flair that other accessories just don't offer. Do you have a favorite pair? How about a favorite style?

portrait-photography-fort collins-colorado-evan kane

     Personally, I'm all about aviators. Classic, reflective, the whole nine yards haha. Black or silver lenses are great, no doubt, but a splash of color really takes things to the next level. Orange? Purple? Blue? How about rose gold? Heck yes! The endless options really let you customize a look and tailor a style that can really be yours.

portrait-photography-fort collins-colorado-evan kane

     I'm a big fan of simple accessories. Whether it's a purse, a hat, bracelets or jewelry, sunglasses, or headphones they can all add your personality to your images. Something that we'll always talk about when discussing the details of your session is accessories and style. What makes you, you? What are your interests and what is your day to day style? Are you the urban shopping fashionista or do you see yourself more boho-chic somewhere out in nature? Are you always sporting earbuds jamming out to your favorite new music? How about a Starbucks coffee cup always in your hand? No matter your style, we can tailor a photo session to fit who you are and show off what you're all about.

     I went a little off topic there with different accessories and personal styling, so back to sunglasses haha. I'm the type of guy who thinks sunglasses look awesome rain or shine, sunny or cloudy. Indoors? Sure, why not? If that's an accessory that you're into, if you've got a favorite pair let's talk about how we can style your portrait session and take some images that you're crazy about.

portrait-photography-fort collins-colorado-evan kane

Who else loves Etsy?! Crystal headpieces, heck yeah!

     If you've not had the chance to check out all the awesome people making awesome things on Etsy, do yourself a favor and go check it out sometime! You wont' be disappointed. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with an Etsy shop that makes gorgeous one-of-a-kind crystal headpieces (you'll find their links and info below). These images are from the first of a few different sets shot with a few different pieces from the shop. I love how they've turned out and totally love the crystals as an accessory.

     For this shoot, Paige and I focused on colors, contrast, and a bit of a moody vibe. We knew that we were going to be using the chunky blood-red crystal piece and I thought it would look really great, and really pop out if we paired that with the white-silver hair. Something about the blood-red colors with the silver hair really gives the scene a moody, witchy feel that I think really works here. Keeping the rest of the wardrobe black also really helps the silver and the red crystals really jump out just a bit more.

     For this shoot, knowing the mood was a bit darker, we met up for an early evening shoot, just as the sun set over the foothills. Considering it is early February the weather was amazing, just a slight cool breeze but still warm enough for the wardrobe we had selected. The open grassy area, with small yucca shrubs made for a really nice location, giving us almost a bit of an evening desert feel to the colors that I'm really loving.

     The headpiece itself is just plain awesome. A fun and unique accessory that I was really excited to get to work with. Flawlessly constructed using real crystal, it adds and ornamental, almost fantasy feeling to the images that is exactly what we had in mind. You've just got to love it when everything comes together and you get to do something new and different!

Crystal headpieces hand-made by Laura, of

You can check out her work at as well as find her on Instagram @judyandmadeleine