Winter wonderland – what makes a snowy day so special?

     There's just something special about a snowy day in Colorado; the fresh powder, the crisp cool air, the thrill of an outdoor chilly photo-shoot. I love living in Colorado and I've come to love shooting outdoors in the wintertime. It offers something unique, something different that you just can't replicate the rest of the year. You can't beat the fresh snow, it's beautiful, with energy; something simple but something magic in your images.

     Jess and I talked about our concept before the shoot. We knew going into it that we were looking for something with a hint of fantasy to it. It had recently just snowed and I had found the perfect location for our shoot. A gorgeous woodsy area with large branches and trees strewn about, really giving me the enchanted forest vibes I knew we wanted. We had been brainstorming some ideas back and fourth about the specific look we would go for and when Jess suggested the floral crown I was instantly sold on the idea. I could picture it already and knew we were thinking alike on this one. We talked colors and both agreed that with the snow, the red and white would pop perfectly.

     Though I do love the outdoors and the winter season, I try my best to avoid shooting on really cold days. The freezing days when being outdoors is just plain uncomfortable. This was one of those days that just couldn't be avoided. It was downright cold, something like twenty degrees. I knew our time limit would be around thirty minutes, any longer and the cold would be too much for us. Jess was a total rockstar about the cold. We moved quickly through the area, shooting brief sets, but spending just enough time to nail the images as we went. This was without a doubt an adventure; cold, fun, and totally worth it.