Are you ready for your winter portraits?

     It's about time Colorado! Winter is finally here, which means it's chilly and we get some glorious snow on the ground. It's time to ask yourself if your wardrobe is ready for your winter portrait session. Hats, and jackets, and gloves, oh my. There is something very special about snow when it's falling from the sky and piling up in droves on the ground. It looks and feels like the holidays, throwing snowballs, and keeping warm with cocoa. Winter portrait sessions are a fun way to get outside, whether it's for the kids or for yourself, and capture the vibes of a Colorado winter.

     If you're anything like me, you love your winter wardrobe options. I've definitely got a favorite jacket or two, and I love a warm hat as much as anyone. Sunglasses and gloves? Yeah, can't forget those either. The styles change with the seasons and it's time to break out your winter favorites. Did you pickup a great deal this year in the warmer weather, when everything is on sale? Let's show it off! Your portrait session includes a pre-shoot consultation where we can discuss wardrobe options and plan the vision for your shoot.

     I've more or less lived in Colorado for my whole life, which means I've seen all kinds of winters over the years. Sometimes we get a ton of snow, other years it stays relatively dry. One year might be freezing cold for weeks on end and the next year might be mild and comfortable. That's what makes your portrait session so cool, each year is a unique one. The snowfall, the cloud cover, the temperature, and the sunlight are all unique to this season. The great images we capture together this year won't be the same next year, we never know what the next year will bring.

     As always, we're shooting at some really cool locations with a ton of texture. I want your winter themed images to be as awesome as you are, as awesome as your wardrobe, and as awesome as Colorado can be. Imagine looking at a canvas print hanging on your wall, surrounded by snow, in the middle of summer to take you back. Picture your kiddos wearing the cutest hats and jackets, cold air swirling about, printed and gifted to the relatives reminding them what Colorado is like. Are you up for braving the outdoors when it's cold outside? Grab your gear, book your session, and let's style you like only Colorado can.