Fall 2016 in Colorado; best time ever?

If you’ve spent more than a minute in Colorado, you know a thing or two about the seasons. Every year is a bit different and a bit unpredictable. When it comes to fall, sometimes it’s short and cold while other years the warm and sunny weather seems to last forever. This year, 2016, Colorado’s fall season was straight-up on point and just might go down in memory as one of the best years ever. I have had an absolutely wonderful time working outdoors watching all of the beautiful colors change and the leaves slowly fall to the ground.

What isn’t to love? First of all, the colors in a good year like this one are unreal. Yellows, oranges, reds, and everything in between as the leaves slowly shift. The natural color palette Colorado went through this year seemed to go through all the shades and hues that I could’ve imagined. Things started a vibrant green coming out of summer and slowly moved through yellow, darkening to oranges and reds as the months progressed. As far back as I can remember, it always seems to snow on Halloween, which limits the colors changing as the early frost causes a lot of the leaves to fall prematurely. Not this year! 2016 stayed warm and sunny all the way through mid November, giving us one of the longest and most temperate fall seasons that I have ever seen; stunningly gorgeous for shooting portrait sessions. Orange is one of my favorite colors and something about the changing leaves right around sunset seemed to jump out at me time and time again. I can say with confidence that the images my clients and I were able to create this year are some of my favorite images, I know that the people I have had the opportunity to work with love them, which makes me all the more proud.

Another thing you’ll never hear me complain about is the awesome fall fashions that start to come out this time of year. Something about a long-sleeve shirt or a light jacket with matching beanie sitting amongst a pile of colorful leaves that just pops right out of the camera. It’s always a pleasure to discuss wardrobe and fashion before a shoot, the ideas and vision that my clients bring to the table is always fun and impressive. With the weather staying so warm for so long this year, I’ve been able to work with a variety of fall fashion styling’s and loved every minute of it. One thing that I always like to impress upon my clients is how much fun and how awesome a shoot can be when we keep it simple. There is no need to over-think and stress about wardrobe and working outdoors this season has really reinforced that philosophy. The simplicity of sweaters, jackets, long sleeve shirts, and hats that I’ve seen this year has been wonderful.

It feels weird to be saying goodbye to fall more than halfway through November. It’s only started to get chilly this past week with the first snow in the cities less than two weeks old. The images that fall helped to provide this year are stunning and I know that the images next year will be amazing because of everything that I’ve learned this year. I have loved the colors and the textures that Colorado has had this year and while I will miss the fall season, with the orange and brown leaves lingering on the trees, I’m equally excited to see what winter has in store. Bring on the snow, the fuzzy jackets, warm winter hats, and hot chocolate! Who’s gearing up to rock their winter portrait sessions?!