Portraits for the kiddos might be just what you need this year

Let’s face it; if you’ve got kids you know that they don’t stay young forever. Every parent learns that their little ones grow up faster than you think, sometimes faster than you’d like. They are only the age they are now one time. Have you ever thought about a portrait session for the kiddos? Portraits of your children to capture them as they are can be timeless pieces, timeless memories for your home. Oh yeah, and did I mention how much fun your session is?

Evan Kane_Denver_children portrait 1.jpg

I met Jen’s family at a park in Boulder, Colorado this year for their session. Three kiddos Cadence, Tucker, and Danica all sporting adorable outfits that their mom helped each of them choose. It was a warm fall evening in Colorado, my favorite time of the year, towards sunset and the park looked as pretty as I’ve ever seen. We set off towards a woodsy area and started shooting. I asked each of them to help me out while I was working with their brother or sisters to make sure that I was doing a good job, a task that they managed to take very seriously and yet not at all at the same time. The kids had each brought two or three of their favorite hats, some practical and some just plain silly, and they couldn’t stop laughing as they tried on a different hat every few pictures. Cadence made sure she had a picture taken with every hat she brought. Sometimes, kids just love clowning around!

Evan Kane_Denver_children portrait_2

If you asked the kiddos what their favorite part of the shoot was, I can guarantee you it wouldn’t be the pictures or the hats; it would be the dogs. The park we chose is a popular park for local residents of Boulder to be walking dogs, especially on a warm fall evening. While we were shooting, every couple minutes someone would walk by with their dog and the kids would lose their minds! Big dogs, little dogs, fluffy dogs for days and the kids loved every one of them. I can say with relative certainty that these kids pet more dogs this day than they had in the last six months.

The great thing about portraits of your children is first and foremost the memories. It’s always my goal to make sure that you end up with memories that you’re excited to tell people about, memories that you can’t wait to hang on your wall for years to come. The kids are only young once; imagine if ten or twenty years from now you still have gorgeous canvas printed portraits in your home from when they were little. If you can picture your kids with some of the beautiful scenery that Colorado has to offer, then a portrait session might be exactly what you need this year. Let’s have some fun, talk ideas, and plan your shoot today.

Evan Kane_Denver_children portrait_3